For many years I have been fascinated with the subconscious, consciousness and the impact that has on mental health and wellbeing. How does our childhood impact our personality? Why do some people seeming sail through life and others fall apart at every hurdle? How can we turn our weakness into strength and our sorrow into success? What choices, capabilities and person power do we actually have and how do we get it?

I still dedicate my heart and soul to researching, studying, practicing and experimenting, I’ve pulled apart every area of my life to find what works and what doesn’t. Now I have a deep passion and the tools to enable others find peace, pleasure, naturally heal and empower themselves. It is really possible.

And now I offer, in person or by zoom:


Rapid Transformational Therapy - trained by the world renowned Marisa Peer. (RTT)


Hypnotherapy - trained by Ali Campbell.


Transformational Coaching - trained by Ali Campbell and Exponential coaching by Rich Litvin.


Energy healing with Paola Ranova and the Cardinal Method of Life Connection.


I like to use a combination of coaching, RTT, NLP, and hypnosis to maximise long term success because applying the conscious mind correctly, will automatically cement in results achieved from our subconscious work together.


I offer a free 20 min phone / zoom call so I can answer any questions you may have and we can get to know each other a little.


To predict what any individual will need to achieve their desired outcome will become clear after our initial intake session together. This will last an hour £35. I will then tailor a powerful package based on the persons depth of needs, wants and desires.


I’d love you to walk away from our time together having a better understanding of YOU, feeling lighter and brighter, knowing that you absolutely can direct your own life, knowing that you are in the driving seat and empowered with a set of tools you can use in ANY circumstance.