I am trained by the world renowned Marisa Peer who has an exclusive clientele list. Her pioneering therapy has many Accolades, won Stevie Awards and is gaining a lot of attention internationally.


RTT- Rapid Transformational Therapy is based on neuroscience that offers fast and effective results by combing the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT.


It delivers extraordinary, permanent change from physical, emotional and psychological pain by reframing our core beliefs, values, habits and emotions that are in the subconscious.

It removes the need for continuous therapy sessions. One single session can achieve powerful results on a wide range of issues by delivering personal insights and rewiring neural pathways.


Together we work smarter not harder.


It is a unique hybrid therapy that I love. It’s had a phenomenal effect on my own life, and I’ve witnessed the same life changing effects in so many others too. This is therapy that has permanent effects if you really have a desire to understand yourself and want change.
What could you do differently if you were free of damaging habits, your perfect weight, or had no pain?


The majority of our beliefs are not ours, between gestation and 7 yrs of age we are like sponges, soaking up all of our environment, our parental figures words, actions, beliefs and experiences. Our analytical brain is not fully developed and we are literally walking around in a hypnotic state absorbing all that we see, hear and especially feel.


As innocent children if we can’t comprehend what we are perceiving and if anything causes us to feel pain, our brain files the event away UN-resolved energetically so that one day we can try to make sense of what we are feeling. Our emotions where the only fully developed part of us at that time.


Unless you become aware of this energetic informational charge, as adults every time you continue to feel emotional discomfort the subconscious will automatically keep doing what it did as a child, adding insult to injury.


As we continue to suppress, deny and reject our own emotional charges, we simultaneously tend to distract ourselves consciously or unconsciously by developing coping mechanisms, unwanted habits, behaviours and the like, to compensate for ignoring and abandoning ourselves.


This is when UN-ease becomes DIS-ease in the body. Whatever is buried tends to grow roots.


With a little bit of courage to embrace all of your feelings and with my guidance we can absolutely get you on the path to freedom, health and success. Above the clouds it’s always a beautiful day, we just need to rise through the clouds to get to the sunshine.


Your Subconscious can make you do things your cognitive brain isn’t even aware of. Your subconscious mind runs the show. What you think about yourself and unconscious limiting beliefs can impact absolutely every area of your life from your weight to relationships, habits, addictions, success, falling pregnant even. The great news is everything can be reprogrammed in you if you are open to understanding yourself and have the desire to improve how you feel, your health, finances, relationships and ultimately life.


Together we will gain insights into your unconscious beliefs, the ones that are holding you back, the glass ceiling you don’t even know is there. I absolutely can help you connect the dots in your life, give you understanding of your core unconscious beliefs that will liberate you. Then you will become a master of your life and not a victim of circumstance anymore.

Until recently physical pain has been easier to deal with because we understand it. (Or we can take a pill and ignore it) The impact of emotional needs not being met at any point in life has not been recognised enough, undervalued and neglected for far too long. It’s time to stop asking, what’s wrong with you and start asking what happened to you?


A 90 min consult and coaching session is available to give you some powerful knowledge and maximise your understanding prior to the RTT session. You will receive a free pre-session audio and a bespoke audio after the session. It is essential that you listen to the recording for a minimum of 21 days after the session, your brain is very capable of rewiring itself and repetition is a key factor. The RTT session itself lasts around 2 hours.


Gymnastics of the mind: I can show how to do an exercise but it’s up to you to work the muscle.


It is powerful as a stand alone technique and often one session may be enough. Depending on the depth, length and seriousness of an issue(s) further coaching and sessions may be desirable.


RTT is accredited in the UK, US and Australia including the National Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Council of Psychotherapists and the international Association of Counselors and Therapists.