Translating the world of energy and frequency into something we humans can fully understand is not a five minute job, but to understand that you are an electro-magnetic being of vibrational energy is a great place to start. Your emotions are magnetic and your awareness (thoughts & beliefs) electric. These two forces of nature are your creative energy, when these two powerful forces are brought into alignment they become even more powerful.

Inside every computer or watch is a Quartz crystal.


As transmitters of information Crystals wake up what is already inside you, harmonise logical and intuitive thinking, ground and align your mind to your heart and therefore your truth. In a kind, consistent way they transform and elevate energies within us to vibrate higher (as we are all vibrational beings in a vibrational world) and we start to resonant with the more natural, beautiful, joyous frequencies in this world. Have you ever heard the term like attracts like? It’s who you ARE in life, not what you do.


It’s very much about connection to nature and crystals vibrate at very high frequencies. Together with intention and willingness, stagnant energy will be unblocked and healing on ultimately all levels can be achieved simultaneously. You can become the artist and architect of your life and not just feel like a bystander of it.


Using the geometry and colour of crystals, quantum physics, neuroscience & spirituality, The Hindu Chakra System and ancient wisdom from Native American, Africa, Eastern and Western traditions, these techniques encourage soul healing, awareness and therefore the joy of life.


The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is your attention. Should you not give yourself that same attention too?

Cardinal energy, your heart energy is a force to be reckoned with, it is absolutely an energy you should put your focus on.


Your hearts desires are your road map in this world, but exposing your heart, making yourself vulnerable to a world that is quick to criticise, judgmental and often hurtful can seem like an overwhelming if not impossible task. This healing modality is non-invasive, kind and will bring into your awareness what’s right for you at exactly the right time.


We are more than we have been led to believe, conditioned by or been subjected to by our parents, teachers, preachers, media, politics, culture to name a few obvious ones. Your heart is meant to orient you on your path, to ground you, to bring you peace, joy and bliss.


The journey we are taking can seem exhausting if we are constantly fighting, suppressing or denying our electro-magnetic flow. We were inherently designed with our emotions and consciousness for good reason, as we align to that flow life starts to flow too.


Most of us at some point have asked ourselves what is happiness?


Happiness is not a destination but a moving forward sensation, advancing in expansion and towards what you are truly capable of. As we move forward in consciousness we naturally encounter better experiences, become wiser and more self loving. Life is about relationships, but the most important relationship you will ever have is with you.


Your potential grows the more you move toward it and there is only one of you, you are a limited edition and it is your responsibility be you to the best of your ability.


This modality is quick, relaxing and works on all levels of your conscious, subconscious and deep unconscious mind, not to mention your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being, home or professional life. What drains you? What steals your joy? What would you like to improve?


This can be done one on one or remotely, as quantum physics, frequency-energy-charge knows no boundaries.


Further reading- Dr Bruce.H.Lipton The Biology of Belief, and founder of Epigenetics- A Science of Heritable Biological Adaptation- Nature. (Epi- meaning above, genetics)