Ultimately I believe we all have untapped potential inside of us.


For success, for joy, for healing, be it physical, mental or emotional, mediation is a fantastic tool to bring peace, wisdom, power and love into your life.



Mediation is a practice that with development, will bring the same experiences as hypnotherapy and so very much more.


We are all driven to explore in different ways, I started my journey because I was in pain and I was chasing healing.


The great yogis of this life have incredible wisdom and that wisdom lies within all of us.


Accessing that wisdom just takes practice like anything else. This wisdom brings with it higher perspectives, identity, experiences, healing and peace. It is an amazing journey like no other once you can get past your cognitive / analytical mind.


Meditation can be up to five times more healing than sleep.


Meditation can help you get good at life.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience.


Spirituality is not what you believe in, but how present you are.


The ability to be present is in fact, a present.


I was practically an atheist due to my religious upbringing and the hypocrisy I experienced, but yet something inside me questioned, was there more than I had experienced yet? What was the point of this thing we call life? Why all the suffering and hatred?


Mediation has granted me huge insights into my own shortcomings and small mindedness, and as each insight and experience came to me it naturally generated more healing. I actively encourage anyone to take up this practice and all though everyone is wonderfully unique essentially we are all spirit.


Bit by bit as my experiences in meditation expanded the boundaries of what I believed was possible I’ve cultivated a spiritual practice that brings me so much joy and peace, I cant imagine life without it. It is my medication.


I would be delighted to help anyone who wanted to explore their inner workings and build a powerful healing tool for themselves.