The average persons normal waking state brain waves are measured anything from 14-35 hertz. Below 14 hertz your brain waves slow down into states know as Alpha,Theta and Delta. In these states of relaxation and because we are bypassing the conscious mind we are able to make powerful changes, reprogramming subconscious habits, beliefs, behaviours and patterns that keep us all stuck.


Hypnosis has been around for centuries and because Nero Science has come so far now, studies show hypnotic techniques create perfect conditions for reprogramming. Using processes like NLP, dissociation, visualisation, language the subconscious can understand, we can alter subconscious conditioning, beliefs and old programming.


The Subconscious mind is like a video recorder 24/7. Its priority is to keep you safe. It is way more powerful than your conscious mind. The subconscious processes information at 11 million bits per second compared to the conscious mind at a mere 50 bits per second.


Think of yourself as one massive informational filing system. Any experience that is NOT processed or understood fully by the mind, is not filed away neatly in your energy field, causing blocks that you may be totally unaware of but show up as a habit, a pain or being unable to lose weight for example.


This information can be any where in your energy field and not necessarily inside your body, yet still impact your body. This is known as a somatic address.


In a safe and relaxed environment the subconscious mind naturally wants to find solutions and work with for your best interest. It really does want what is best for you, but sometimes you just need to inform it of exactly what that is.


The average person is not taught how to process their own emotions and self regulate and as grow up, as creatures of habit we continue to suppress, avoid, reject, anything feelings we label as negative. Where are those old feelings and emotions now? ….. Yep, still inside of you.


The great news is that together we can find those blocks, release them and set you free.


I use a combination of coaching, RTT, hypnosis and energy work, as everything in this world is energy and information (consciousness).


Any shift in your perception and therefor subconscious will be very powerful. The more time anyone engages in this activity the bigger the impact is simply going to be. I find when someone experiences a powerful insight and shift it becomes addictive and an individual will want to continue improving all areas of their life.