Traditional coaching usually comes from a space of working with skills, capabilities and goal setting, historically called Performance coaching, setting targets measurable on some pre-defined scale.

Transformational life coaching is not about getting better at something, rather to help someone impact and excel in all areas of their life. True change happens from the inside out, and it is often our Subconscious mind that gets in the way. Because most of us work from a left-brain logical, horizontal and emotional kind of way, we experience frustration and the limitations that brings.


I will introduce you to ‘The Laws of the Mind’ and concepts that put you back in the driving seat. I have so much I would love share and empower you with. The right knowledge is life changing on every level.


Research shows the majority of us are searching for something material or otherwise that will make us feel better. This is the upgrade you have been searching for because you will automatically gain faith in yourself, a higher perspective on life and create new opportunities easily, naturally and effortlessly.


How much of your life is really your idea?
What else will you buy before you truly invest in the most powerful thing you have? …. YOU
(And YOU can change everything)


Rather than trying to make changes at the weakest level an environmental level, a behavioural or a skills level, true change happens from a shift in perspective, identity and true authenticity. It comes from a place of core individual values and a change in beliefs. Your identity is not just your job title, a mother, father, carer, achiever, your symptoms, your illness, your phobia or history.


Thought killed more dreams than failure ever did. We are not afraid of what we think we are afraid of…. We are afraid of what we think!!


Imagine going from black and white and then being able to see in colour and high definition.
I’m inviting you to find more options, opportunities, choices and awareness in life, rather than operating from your map of the world (your history & experiences) …… to find your very own compass and step off the map so to speak.


So let’s take away the limitations, the habitual circumferences, and you will naturally expand your dreams, beliefs, experiences, your potential and automatically find the true authentic empowered version of you.


Create new horizons. I want you to be wiser, live life knowing who you truly are and how you work, feeling enthusiastic, inspired, full of energy and passion along the way.


It’s not life that pulls us this way and that, it’s our thoughts about life that pulls us this way and that.


This is a tried and tested signature programme, personalised for you and your needs as I guide you through methods allowing for your own insights, wisdom and dreams, to move you.
Total of 10 hours. £450


Often in allowing ourself to be moved do we discover what moves us.