Anorexia is a mental health issue, I was too young to understand the cause, but it was thanks to some great friends around me that I managed to switch my focus from being thin to being healthy.


My focus on fitness and having the energy to be fit was a healthy shift in perspective but I didn’t really deal with the underlying self-esteem and self-value issues that lay lurking underneath it all. I spent 30 years of my life being a tom-boy, extremely competitive, critical of myself and then distracting myself with boyfriends, alcohol, holidays and adrenaline sports.


As time past a horrible, large, painful varicose vein in my leg became worse and worse. I also developed issues like eczema, anxiety, acid reflux, and anger in my thirty’s impacted relationships both marital and with family. I unconsciously looked to others for gratification, acceptance and guidance when the truth is we all have our own built in guidance system. I had been ignoring that little voice in my heart for so long.


In my discoveries this is how consciousness works. If we don’t understand the ‘root cause’ of an issue, consciousness has to get louder so it gets our attention by way of uncomfortableness, pain and DIS-ease so the urge to understand ourselves becomes stronger. No one wants to be in pain so we go in search of solutions. We were designed with all of our emotions and intuition for very good reason, so that we can live the life we intended when we came here. We came here with purpose and to feel good.


The word E-motion comes from the French, meaning energy in motion. Emotions are meant to be carriers of information and move through you not be suppressed, ignored and rejected. Over time these emotions become stagnant in us causing energetic blocks resulting in pain and DIS-ease.


I believe my journey is now my purpose, and I had to experience all that I did so I could fully understand, integrate, heal and help others. I take great delight in wearing dresses now my varicose vein is gone I am pain free. Anger and anxiety are a thing of the past and I experience a peace and love I never want to give up.


As my perspective changed about the capabilities of human potential, my body shape naturally changed too. Finally I have made sense of the parts of my life that I thought I had no control over, bound me by fear and induced pain, and you can too.


We are incredible human beings, designed with all of our senses, emotions, physicality and consciousness for good reason, and you were designed to feel good. We are electro-magnetic beings, our thoughts are electric, our emotions are magnetic and they are your creative power.


Tapping into a higher energetic levels will simply have faster results than just working at the physical and environmental level, which often leave us feeling powerless and exhausted.

Your body and mind continually work on a feed back loop, so I love to work holistically combining the physical, mental and emotional, the conscious and subconscious, mind, body and soul energy.


One of my passions now is to guide others to discover their own strength, healing power, and find a sense of peace much faster than I did. I’d love to share this wonderful knowledge with you and I know in my heart it will shift your perspective for ever and have a huge impact on your life.